Auf dieser Seite findet Ihr die Lyrics zu meinen Songs


ICH GEH MEINEN WEG  VÖ: voraussichtlich Ende Feb 2014

Auf regennasser Strasse zeigt der Mond mir sein Gesicht
Verführt mich raus aus dieser Stadt
doch wohin sagt er mir nicht
er zerrt an meiner Sehnsucht
zieht mich in seine Umlaufbahn
sein Licht auf nasser Strasse treibt mich unermüdlich an

Ich geh meinen Weg und wenn du willst komm einfach mit
Ob Strasse oder Steg, nur nicht einen Schritt zurück
Die Blickrichtung nach vorn und das auch bei Gegenwind
er zerrt an meiner Sehnsucht
Ich geh meinen Weg---voller Neugier--wie ein Kind

Auf der Suche nach dem Leben vom Mond getrieben Tag um Tag
Bin ich ein Sklave meiner Sehnsucht
und in seiner Gefangenschaft
heb jede Chance vom Boden auf
bin rastlos auf der Jagd
nur keinen Moment verschwenden, ist was sein Licht mir sagt

Ich geh meinen Weg......


Doch am Ende dieses Weges
wenn sein Schatten uns umarmt
Legen wir uns müd in seinen Arm
und sind bereit zum großen Schlaf
und in den letzten Augenblicken
wird es uns plötzlich klar
dann werden wir erkennen, das der Weg das Leben war

Ich geh meinen Weg......



WE STAND TOGETHER  The Flood Aid Song  VÖ: noch offen

We stand  together, fighting hand in hand
Nothing can  break this  wall of hearts
In darkest hours even a foe becomes a friend

Together we shall make a brand new start

Heaven is crying and let  the river overflow
The Water comes to devastate our Land
When nature is dying and the harvest seems
at loss
We just need a helping hand

Earthquake and Hurricanes and years of drought again
Could all this be a judgement from above ?
The people are crying and have lost all they`ve got
Tell me, why we must have this pain?

Or is it just a sign for us to open our eyes
we must stick together when mankind want to survive?
We shouldn`t  kill each other and we must save our Earth
Deep inside our hearts we must find some little words

< CHORUS 1 > once      then

Let`s stick  together, fighting hand in hand
let us build a wall with our  hearts
I hope forever we still can be friends
come on let´s make a brand new start


DER LETZTE OUTLAW  Tribute to Gunter G.  VÖ: Feb 2013

Auf `ner blauen Wiese/vor den Toren dieser Stadt
lebt der letzte Outlaw/den Germany noch hat
oftmals kurz vorm Prison/und Jahre ohne Moos
sich immer treu geblieben/doch ohne Moos nix los

So zog er durch die Lande/die Gitarre stets am Mann
und spielte seine Lieder/auch nachts auf der Autobahn
er sang vom kleinen Willy/und auch vom Wanted Man
vom 30-tonner Diesel/und woll`t vom Boss mehr Geld


Er ist ein Hund der Straße/und die meiste Zeit on Tour
spielt für die kleinen Leute/und das auch immer pur
Tagein-tagaus auf Achse/in eine and`re Stadt          Er ist der letze Outlaw /den Germany noch hat


von anderen belächelt /als er tief im Keller saß
steht der alte Outlaw /heut wieder oben auf dem Mast
und steuert durch sein Leben/ist sein eig`nes Land
sich niemals zu verbiegen/schafft nur ein starker Mann


Er ist ein Hund...


FOR YOU  VÖ  noch offen

`twas then when my life tumbled down /
can`t get my feet back on the ground /
day by i´m feelin`so blue /
`twas then when i met you

you came rigt into my life /
just like a flash deep in the night /
you gave me your helping hand /
and take me always as i am


for you i would bow the rain /
for you i would carry your pain /
for you i would light up the night /
you are the love of my life

everyday i always can feel /
the love that you give it to me /
everyday you conquer my heart /
so i feel no one can tear us apart

for you......

so i wrote these verses for you /
to say i will always love you /
by sun and in deep darkest nights /
you are the love of my life

for you....


 Just a campfire night  VÖ Dez 2011

all around the world, there are magic circles / people sittin `round a flickering light /         and a man with his guitar, is telling good old stories / while the golden flame burn so warm and bright

it is just a campfire night,                      it is just a campfire night 

people of all kind, staying peaceful with each other / sing and dance together in those nights /hold em by their hands and they all are were brothers /through the magic of this dancing light

it is just a campfire night,                      it is just a campfire night

when a song fills the air look into their eyes /many a person still wants to cry for joy /and the love in their hearts is holding them so tight /everyone`s trouble left so far behind

it is just a campfire night,                      it is just a campfire night

and if you  should ever be, a part of this circle /i promise, you  never will forget /the magic of these moments, with all the lovely people /by the golden light that fills your heart with life

 Irish Summernight  Der Bluenote-song   VÖ April 2011
in between a grand old castle wall, on an irish summernight/ children dancing and the pipeband blowin /the wind of love in everybodys heart

year by year we´re celebrating / a night for all our friends / people from around the world /still shaking everybodies hands

where michels rose arisen from /and the poems of ephra live /is just a perfect scenery /for freedom love and peace / for freedom , love and peace

in between....      

when close to midnight at the end / the lonesome piper plays his song /everybody, you can see /feels like their in a promised land

in between....


 Scottish Heart  VÖ Sept 2010

deep down inside you beats a scottish heart /it is beating like a big old drum /it makes you stronger and it gives you fire /it it`s burning hotter than the sun / it`s beating fast and slow / it`s beating high and low / beating like the big old drum / deep down inside you beats a scottish heart  /and it´s burning hotter as the sun

poor young little highland child , grew up near the glen / far behind the castle walls, he leads a living death / but in his darkest hours, when he can`t see any light / the song his mother ever sung, let his eyes shines bright

deep down inside you....

then one day the highlind child, fell into endless love / dreaming with the dearest girl thru the stars above /but someday she is leaving him, he can`t this understand / the song his mother ever sung gives him a warming hand

deep daown inside you...

now the little highland child ist just a rich old man / sitting in his castle walls among all funny things / he knows the time has coming soon this scottish heart must sleep / the song his mother ever sung gives him the love he needs

deep down inside you...


 Feel the balmy breeze  VÖ May 2010

dark cold winter morning, snow is fallin` down / my mind is like an empty street in a sleeply little town / missing all my joyfulness, missing all my dreams / while i think of you in the night I feel warm and free

than i just remember, all the good times in the sun / sorrows were so far away, we only just have fun

sun shines bright over the sea / seagulls are singing in the sky / i wanna feel the balmy breeze / summerholiday on norderney

sitiin`in a small cafe, see people passing by / everyone in hastiness, no time to abide / like acting in a hamsterwheel, all with a gloomy face / they don`t want to realize, they cannot win the race

but i`m just remember, all the good times in the sun / sorrows were so far away / we only just have fun

sun shines bright...

so when your glass is empty, and you`re feeling down / pack your bags togehter and leave your gray old town / don`t think of tomorrow make a journey into the sun / don`t think of all your sorrows and have a lot of fun

sun shines bright....